Where can I buy an Elgrand?


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You can buy one privately through an ad on the likes of Gumtree, Ebay, Autotrader etc.

There are dealers you can buy from.

You can use a UK based agent to import for you.

You can import directly yourself through the auctions in Japan.

The easiest options are to buy from within the UK. You get to see it, drive it, get a feel for it and make a decision. Buying from a dealer in the UK is the most expensive option. They have a business to run, overheads to cover, staff to pay etc. So expect to pay a few thousand more from a dealer than anything else.

Buying privately from someone in the UK is also easy, but you are taking risks. Same with buying any second hand car privately. Make sure you check it over, check the history, check previous MOT's etc.

Importing via a UK agent will save you money, but you will have to wait. Generally these guys have people in Japan to inspect the cars for you before you buy, so you'll know you're getting what you want. Obviously there will be a fee to the importer for putting in the work on your behalf, but they will go through the auctions and find the one you want for you. Then you bid, you buy, you wait, you smile.

Importing directly from Japanese Auctions. Probably the biggest risk, but you can get some absolute bargains. To put it into perspective... E50's and E51's sell for (usually) less than £500 in Japan. The rest is shipping, taxes etc. Then dealer premiums if you go down that route. I'd not advice this for a newbie unless you happen to know someone in Japan who can look at the car for you... or better still, take a trip over there yourself and sit in an auction house for 2 weeks :D


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I think admission into auctions in Japan is for registered traders only, not general public, but I may be wrong, check before you buy a ticket :)