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Hi Pete,

I have just purchased a Cyclone box for my Elgrand and I can honestly say it's driving me mad.

I have got it working on the TV, and when I plug it into the car I just get the static or black screen.

What did you do to get it working. I think the neighbours are going to start asking questions if I spend any more time sitting in the car on the driveway late at night!

Thanks in advance

Chris Riley
Chris Riley
By the way, all the symptoms I have are the same as you experienced prior to getting it working.
hi could you possibly tell me the garage you used in havant for decats and how much was it cheers
dalem, i used a garage in tottem, southampton
southampton wheel and tyre i think was their name, but look on recommended section.
cost 120 + vat
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thanks a lot
We used south coast workshop in Emsworth on Monday
Hello Brian
You've been recommended by Karl for advice on swapping an engine on my E50 V6 3.5, lucky man. I'm even considering transporting it to someone capable of doing the job.
Would you consider it?
Hi Ian, I run a small garage with 1 x 4 post ramp suitable for Elgrand service and repairs BUT as I work on my own and the fact that to remove an Elgrand engine you need to remove it with gearbox and front crossmember from below, meaning quite a few days work with the risk of being trapped should something happen plus it ties up my ramp as long as the vehicle is not done. I would suggest a place with a few more hands