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  1. Introduce yourself
    Put your first post in the introduction section and tell us a little about yourself. This will help integrate you into the community. First impressions go a long way - play nice and you'll get more help when you need it.
  2. Do not complain about the 10 post rule
    The 10 post rule is there for a reason - check your welcome message for more information. This rule will not be removed regardless of your opinion of it.
  3. Read the "Help" section before asking
    There is a section of the forum titled "Help with using the forum". This will teach you how to post, how to search and how to upload pictures.
  4. Check the FAQ section before asking
    The "BEFORE YOU ASK - READ IN HERE (FAQ's)" section of the forum is designed to cover all the basic questions often asked by new members. Please read this section before asking any questions.
  5. No Technical Questions until 10 posts/Premium
    The technical area of the forum is locked until you hit 10 posts or upgrade to a premium account. This is done to keep the forum organised. Please gain the relevant access and use the appropriate forums.
  1. Use the search function BEFORE asking
    Use the search function to find key words to your issue. You may find the answer is already given before you ask the question.
  2. Be polite and courteous
    In the forum you will encounter many people from varying walks of life. Please be considerate of how others feel or may react to what you are saying. Being polite goes a long way to building good relationships with others.
  3. Do not be directly offensive to others
    Do not post anything that is intentionally meant to cause offense, upset or distress to another forum member. If you feel something has been said out of place, please report the post to the admin team and explain why. We can then resolve the matter.
  4. Use relevant titles in your posts
    When creating a new thread, please use a relevant and informative heading. This will help other members identify quickly whether they think they can help with your issue or not. Do NOT use thread titles such as "HELP".
  5. Swearing
    We allow the use of swearing or "cuss words" within the forum as long as they are used in humour or to emphasis a point. Anyone using swear words directed at others in a malicious way will be banned. This is in addition to the "do not be directly offensive" rule.
  6. Disagreements
    If you have a disagreement with another member, please do NOT start an open argument with that member. Have a discussion with them via PM to attempt to clear the air, and if you cannot put aside your differences, use the "ignore" feature so that you stop seeing posts from them.
  7. Stay on topic
    Please keep all discussion within a thread relative to the thread title and opening post. Do NOT take a topic wildly off course else it distracts from future members trying to get answers to questions. This is MOSTLY applicable to technical threads and Project Threads, but it can also be applied to other parts of the forum
  1. No unauthorised trading
    Traders are not allowed to advertise within the club without prior consent. Please contact a member of the admin team to request access to trade. You will then be given your own trade area.