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"Tractor" diary. Elgrand from Siberia. E50.


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Reminds me of a problem I once had with an alternator...

When I got home I fixed the alternator myself for only around £2, bought new bearings and brushes from a local alternator specialist and fitted them myself. But before the fix and after the alternator had failed it caused some problems as described in the link above... I had to drive back home from Scotland with a separate petrol powered generator powering the vehicle electrics (ECU's, ignition, etc).

On a separate occasion with a different vehicle (Ford Scorpio 2.5TD bug eye'd monster) I was driving back from the coast when the alternator started making a noise and oil leaked onto the ground. The oil seals in the vacuum pump at the rear of the alternator had failed causing the alternator bearings to fail and basically messing up the entire innards of the alternator. A replacement alternator for the same car would have been very expensive new, even a rebuilt one was expensive. But I found out that the Transit alternator was the same, with same vacuum pump, just had a pulley for a 5 row belt where-as the Scorpio version used a 7 row belt. Just bought a Transit alternator and fitted the 7 row pulley from my alternator onto the Transit alternator.

On a more recent Grand Voyager the alternator pulley had a ratchet mechanism (as many modern alternators do). The ratchet mechanism broke rendering the alternator disabled because it wasn't being turned. I simply mig welded the ratchet to make for a normal pulley instead of ratchet pulley, didn't even have to remove the alternator to fix it!
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Subtotal. Fuel consumption QD32eti.
Hello from Siberia!
Contrary to all expectations, after:
1. Replacement of the EFI block (April 2020).
2. Replacement of spray nozzles.
3. Put in order the engine compartment wiring
4. Frequent replacement of the air, oil, fuel filters (every 5 thousand kilometers)
What I got:
1. fuel consumption on the highway 10-11 liters per 100 km.
2. Fuel consumption in the city (traffic jams, etc.) in the summer - 12-12.5 liters per 100 km. In winter (considering that I have to warm up the engine before driving, and this is an additional fuel consumption) - 13-14 liters per 100 km.
Not bad for a 22 year old engine, I think.
What's next??
And then I will continue to drive until the rust do us part))

But seriously, the plans for 2022 are:
1. Dismantling of thresholds and welding of a square pipe 2mm thick with dimensions 50mm x 50mm. Thus, I will get more hard and most importantly immortal thresholds.
2. dismantle the 3rd row and do something similar (https://campal.co.uk/new-2021-campal-split/). I have prepared the drawings.
3. Transferring the intercooler and transmission cooling radiator from the front bumper. The installation location of the transmission cooling radiator is under the front grill. The intercooler can be made as for the Nissan Patrol. Replace the transmission cooling radiator from Nissan Wingroad (as it has a smaller size).
Redesign the front bumper. Cut the lower part of the bumper and make it out of 2mm iron.
4. Mount the spare wheel. https://www.carlot.ru/parts/lotinfo/688742/href
5. Paint the Tractor with Antigravel (Raptor, Iron Cobra, MIPA).
Pretty positive list))
And that means living a tractor, driving a tractor ..