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The raffles are designed to be a bit of fun, with a chance for you to win some decent items for a fraction of their retail price. Entering a raffle is a gamble, you win some, you lose some, but I hope overall that EVERYONE who enters a raffle will benefit at some stage. I am NOT responsible for the amount of money you put into raffles, and I do not want any hard feelings from members if they do not win.

You should go into a raffle knowing that you are NOT guaranteed to win. There is a MAXIMUM number of lines you can add for a reason. I don't want anyone spending too much for an item and then not winning it. It leaves people feeling unfairly treated.

Reply to the Raffle post you want to enter with how many numbers you want, and which numbers. If you don't want specific numbers, please just say RANDOM and I will pick the numbers for you.

Each raffle will have a different cost per number. Please check the individual listings to find out what that cost is and what the max number of lines available is.

Your numbers will be held for 24 hours. If payment has not been received by then, I will remove your post and open the numbers up to the next person requesting. Payments received MUST contain your username, details of the raffle you are entering, and the number of lines you want to purchase. Any money received without ALL of this information will be returned and your request for lines will be declined until payment is made using the correct description.

Payment must be sent to karl@elgrandoc.uk via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, please PM me and we can discuss other forms of payment to secure your numbers.

If there is not enough interest in a Raffle to warrant keeping it, all money received for that raffle will be returned and it will be removed. The length of time for that raffle will be dependant on how many lines and how big the prize is. You can appreciate it will take longer to fill a list of 100 numbers than it will to fill a list of 10 numbers.
As a rough guide, I'll keep the raffle up for 48 hours for every 10 lines. So, 50 lines will stay live for 10 days. If we still have spare numbers at the end of the 10th day, I will cancel it and return monies paid.

All proceeds from the Raffles will either go into the Club pot, which will then be used to fund competition and giveaway prizes, hosting/website upgrade costs, and also any show equipment needed (banners, gazebos, tables etc). We will, from time to time, have special Fund Raising Raffles, where 100% of the proceeds will go to a charity specified in the post.

I am keeping an active record of all raffles and the associated club income. I am NOT in this to make money out of members. The PayPal account is completely separate to ANY of my personal finances. Proof of this can be given upon request if anyone suspects me of foul play.
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