E51 Pit Warning Screen - How do I clear?


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? There is absolutely no warranty on work or damage resulting from blocked cats after recall. It’s still 100% at owners risk. Plenty of recalled cars with remaps have suffered as do e52 so if you think Nissan has solved the twin stage cat blocked hardware with a software update then great BUT you will be proved wrong eventually... or pass the risk on to a subsequent owner.
@Reuben says the dealer provides a three year warranty. I'm guessing he got it from the same place as @George322 who mentioned his dealer provided a full 3 year warranty in another thread.

Don't be telling me off now - I've had mine done :grinning:;)


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That’s a good question Brendan. Maybe it’s the difference in climate or the UK roads in Winter or that the cats start degrading after 60000km.......My dealer told me that they have had no cat issues for any Elgrand they have sold whilst under the 3 year warranty they provide. They’re the main dealer for Elgrand campers by volume here in Scotland. I fully respect other people’s views on this thorny subject but, for me, the jury’s still out.

What is a concern to me is contacting the insurance company to advise of the ‘modification’. One may well say ‘OK, no problem’ but when you may need to shop around at renewal other insurance companies may not share the same view. Anyway if my car blows up it’ll be my own fault if I don’t have the cats done!! All the best.
Lol avoid this dealer at all costs is my advise!! but what the f do I know? I’ve only been helping e51 owners avoid the inevitable for 8 years In that time I lost count of the number of affected car in the mid 30s in 2014 it current runs about one a week on Facebook (our group and the e51 Group combined).

Please don’t spread the ‘it’s not a big problem’ rumour. They only reason it isn’t a big problem is that most owners take the advice.

PS I’ve also lost count of the apologies I’ve had from (usually) ex-owners that argued the same points (Nissan know more that me/ it’s only high mile cars / mine’s had the recall etc) that have apologised to me after their engines blew up.


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If it's this screen
2003 E51 Pit (spanner) Milage Alarm by -BitchinRob ( http://MrRob.in )-

2003 E51 Pit (spanner) Milage Alarm by -BitchinRob ( http://MrRob.in )-

It's one of the 4 user set milage alarms ... To find them​

1) turn Ignition on engine off.*​

2) press button next to TV for computer options,​

3) select car with i on it​

4) select spanner​

5) select one of the alarms with red highlighted in the bar.​

(At this pinpoint you can toggle L & R to inc or reduce milage of alarm)​

6 select the bottom button to reset counter to zero​

*or Engine ON with AT in Park​
Just used this guide thanks. Used my phone to scan translate the alarm text and thought it might be useful to add what each line translates to.
Top to bottom:
1 - Oil
2 - Oil filter
3 - Tyre
4 - Other presume this is a spare for gearbox oil/diff oil/sparkplugs/etc


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Yep, that’s cool if you remember or can read Japanese ;)

I set mine for
1 oil/service/at drain & fill (or annual) 10k km
2 tyre rotation (balance & alignment) 15k km
3 brake check 30k km
4 spark plug 90k km