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North East North East Halloween Meet Sunday 31st October. 2021

We are up here at the reservoir waterside Park.. stayed overnight...it pissed down all night and is still chucking it down now ..place is flooded...shit weather...
I think @Safety Mick was going up early for a walk around.
We are aiming to be there about 1.30-1.45
Have tarp to make a tent between the busses.
Good luck today guys. After the mother of all rain showers earlier it's brightening up down here now so hopefully you'll get better weather this afternoon.
Up at Boat Shack now, rain has eased off so not too bad.
Just grabbing a Sunday Roast before we all get together.
Nice Tepee ⛺️ and cafe, also a small campsite for summer months.

see you soon
Heads up, don’t park in Boat Shack car park (payment required) continue on track to plenty free parking
Setting off shortly.
See you soon
Hope you all have a great time! Look forward to seeing some pics! :p 👍
We are down the bottom past the pay carpark
Looks a lovelly spot, hope the weather hasn't scared too many people away from coming... have fun guys :)
Great to meet up with some new faces and what an excellent venue, definitely worth a return in summer with camping just down the road as used by @Bazzagas.
Well done Janet @dognero for providing the horrible food (first time I’ve had bandaged toes and blood shots).

Really nice group, Jim and family, Keith, Brian and ladies, and a big Thanks Andy, Janet for us finally getting a north east meet done.

shame the rain caught us at the end
Great turn out today.
Big thanks to you all And the kids and dog for having faith in the weather and making it a great meet up.
Nice to meet new and old.
What a great location too.
Here are some photos.

Great turn out today.
Big thanks to you all And the kids and dog for having faith in the weather and making it a great meet up.
Nice to meet new and old.
What a great location too.
Here are some photos.
View attachment 64385
View attachment 64386

View attachment 64387
View attachment 64388
View attachment 64389
View attachment 64390
View attachment 64391
View attachment 64392
View attachment 64393
The food photos have Just reminded me Andy, I meant to try the teeth but missed them, will have to wait till next year now.
Thanks for the tailgate box, perfect for the rack.
Brilliant guys what great pics even though there were only a few of you guys braving the Autumn weather! Great shots with the autumn trees behind the Elgrands, stood out especially well with them all being white baar a few! lol
Love the food @dognero,hats off to you and your super wife, loved the digestive teeth biscuits made me and my wife laugh, very creative!!!!