E51 Nissan Elgrand E51/NE51/ME51/MNE51 oil catch can (OCC) install. Photo DIY.


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Hi all elgrand owners.

Recently one person contacted my about occ write up and he mentioned that no pictures are available to view. So i checked photobucket and i couldnt login. So managed to find some pictures on my computer and messenger and i hope ill be able to help.
I do not own elgrand anymore but driving another make jdm people carrier. So wont be able to answer to update till this day. Sold it back in May-June 2016.

This write up is for oil catch can (occ) install. It is time consuming, but relatively easy job.

Bit of history about whats happened to my elgrand. I did replaced engine oil and filter and week later i have checked what is oil level ant topped up 1 litre of oil( only needed to add about 300 ml).Left car over night and next morning started to take my kids to swimming pool. Car started well but heaps of smoke and did not stopped smoking. Month later engine rebuilt followed.
thread located here:

So decided simple mod and install occ and i was hoping for good results. after install of occ car still smoked but not as bad.
Main reason of smoking was two piston oil rings were so badly caked in carbon build up so they did not moved at all. They needed replacing. I replaced all piston ring and bearings As lots of people know that VQ35DE engines suffer from catalytic converter failure and i think this caused piston rings to cake up. Follow rebuild thread.

Now how to remove air intake.

Tools required is 10mm,12mm,12mm extra long socket and 14mm socket. I did use 1/4 and 1/2 ratchets with various length of extension bars. Pliers, 6mm alan key to remove throttle body holding bolts and screw drivers and gasket compound(Permatex-20539-Indian-Head-Gasket).

As i said it is it is slow but easy job. It requerries to remove few nuts, bolts, brackets and they are in fiddle places and awkward to reach.



At this point job went easy. But to get bolts and nuts from back of the intake manifold is chalenging. Not much space and limited access. Be patient. I do not have photos or video to include in the description. When you removing nut or bolt from intake manifold get cardboard cut out and draw manifold and and stick each bolt in to place. This will help you on reassembling intake manifold. Try to remember where brackets was o just have some notes it will help you. Dont worry if you have some bolts left :)
When you remove trothlle body be very and dont touch inner flap because it is electronic and driven by electric motor and if valve is moved this may cause problems to read correct position values.


I did removed original pcv valve and cut the end off. I can sugdest you to get new one (from dealer is around $33) and install.






Get your self OCC similar to this one where you can open top. Open top and install longer pipe to one of ports witch hose coming from pcv valve to occ other port witch goes from occ to air intake leave as it is. Then insert kitchen stainless steel scrub wire inside occ. This will create barrier to hot blow by oily gases to trap inside.

In my case after occ installation blue smoking still was present but less. In no time occ was full of mayo. Again because of blow by passing piston rings. My next step was to take car to garage for engine rebuild. Check engine rebuild thread.

After engine rebuild, i did empty occ and was time for engine brake in with 15w40 brake in oil. In this time occ did not collected any oil. 1000 miles later i changed oil to 10w40 and managed to put up around 5000 miles without loosing any oil and occ did not had any oil in it. Later i did replaced oil to 5w30 and carried on driving. Few thousand miles later i saw tiny bit of oil in side occ.
And then i sold elgrand.
The End :)
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These pictures are made when my elgrand was in the work shop for repairs. Guy who repaired it took some pictures of pistons and in these pictures you can clearly see how bad carbon build up is present inside combustion chamber. If you car drinks oil, carbon build up 100% will be present. Engine oil mainly passes through piston oil rings in to combustion chamber and then it burns. It is possible that oil passes through valve stem seals and then gets burned. Before you do any repair jobs get your self BG109 engine performance restorer and use it. This is what i did.

I saw some Russian guys videos using Engine performance restores BG109 with positive outcome and I decided to set experiment on my car.

Here what i did do.

After 7000 Kms I decided to change engine oil. But i decided to do little experiment. I bought engine performance restorer BG109 of eBay, engine oil and 2 engine oil filters.
So i did warmed up engine and drained old engine oil. Pored bit of old engine oil in to plastic cup and on paper tissue for sample.Used air gun with rubber end set up to 2 up to 2.5 Bar to push old engine oil out. Replaced engine oil filter with new one, added around 3 litres of fresh engine oil, pored some fresh oil into plastic jar and on paper tissue, started engine and run engine for about 10 to 15 min. In this time fresh engine oil will be mixed with old engine oil leftover to get an idea how engine oil will look like. Tried to get sample from dip stick but i couldn't. So i had to turned off engine. Got sample on the tissue and added BG109 to the oil. Then started engine and set rpm up to 1200-1500rpm. Run engine for 45 to 50 mins. Turned off engine and carefully drained hot engine oil(with BG109). I did drained oil in to different pan to see how it will look and pored bit to one off 3 plastic jars and paper tissue.
After i pushed fresh engine oil with BG109 leftover out by using air gun set up to 2.5 Bar of pressure. I did replaced engine oil filter with new one and topped fresh engine oil.
So to wrap it up. You can see 3 plastic cups and 4 paper tissues with engine oil samples.
It is up to you guys to use engine performance restorer BG109 or any other engine oil flush.
Good luck and if you want to share your experience please leave comment.

This is video of my car and me doing it. Sorry Elgranders my car is not elgrand, but you can do the same to yours.