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Now then, in another attempt to keep the forum working as efficiently as possible, and keep everything up to date, there has been a new feature installed.

For the Social Areas, and the Newbie Introduction forum, there will now be an AUTO DELETE function.

Any threads that have not been commented on for more than 1 year will be deleted. Any old social posts that are still active (such as the "last song you listened to" will not be affected as the auto delete feature works on the date someone last replied to that thread.

This means it is EVEN MORE important now for members to use the correct sections for their posts.

This new feature will NOT affect the technical areas. These forums will be evaluated manually and old threads with no relevance deleted.

Please ensure you keep posts to the correct section of the forum to prevent them being automatically deleted by this new feature.

This has been enabled to help keep the database size down, and to keep the forum size relevant to the useful information present.