New E51 (Nearly)


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So ive put a deposit on this and just have to wait for it to arrive, hope to have the car in May so a while off yet.

I thought i would start a thread to list my plans and keep updated once i get her home.

Here she is, a 2004 XL which im pleased already has a nice bodykit fitted.

Spec includes:

Electric seats
Dual electric doors
Heated seats
Heated windscreen
Electric curtains
Blindside camera
Remote engine start
Radar cruise control
Nismo suspension

Anybody know what the black box is? CD Changer?

Anybody know what the 2 left hand switches are for?

Plans will be:

Replace or refurb wheels
New double din head unit (reccomendations)
Fit LPG (reccomendations near Leeds)


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Very nice car, it's an E51 though :p
Left, think it is remote start isolator.
Right, drop mirror. No idea which mirror it refers to.

Edit, checked your specs so yes left switch for remote start.
Edited at changed to E51,

Thanks for the info, now to work out what the drop mirror is.


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Looks like a Colin Price example and if it is then you will have bought a great example. I would just have the current wheels refurbed too as they look really nice and suit the vehicle well.

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A good clean in the inside of the wheels and I am sure they will come up a treat! One of the first things I cleaned was the inside of the rims! lol


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The second and or the 3rd ones do it for me. The first ones look boring IMHOP and a pain to keep clean. ( close spokes ).

The colour of your bus would decide I think