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Part of the furniture (please de-cat your e51/2)
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I'm glad I do too, as I used gloss
When I was at uni I did a gpz500 in Halfords bike frame purple. It was a bit damp at the time and it came out matte ... like a purple blackboard

No one ever pulled out on me or cut me up.


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Like the divider in black! Goes well with the rest of the grill and the dark lights :)


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So the painting of the grill never quite turned out as expected, I wanted a gloss black finish but I ended up with satin black. Did the divider black to as I couldn't be bothered to go to halfords again to get some red paint. I don't think I looks too bad actually, how long it will last is something else.
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Took the rear door panels off this week too to investigate the farty speaker as suspected the foam had split. rater than spending £15 on a re foam kit, I took a punt on some bass face speakers for £25
View attachment 1712

I bolted these up and had a guess at which one was the positive wire, thinking guessed right. They worked but didn't sound like much of an improvement apart from no more fart noise. today I went out for a drive and can report they actually sound much better, £25 well spent.
I put sound deadening, 10mm foam and FLI speakers, huge difference even with standard speakers, wasn`t 100% sure about +- on wires and later went back to original speakers as not much improvement except high frequencies slightly better on FLI

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So far this year the van has had a quick wash and wax......

I then tried to get it up on the ramps for and oil and filter and failed, I ended up going a different route, but ended up sticking in some Mobil 1 5-30.

Next up new pads, got some Brembo pads but I couldn't leave the calipers looking like that....

I then noticed there was a large panel gap between the bumper and wing so I guess I must have clipped the bumper when coming off the ramp so while the wheel was off, I popped off the bumper from the wing and beat it a little.

After that I didn't have time to do rear pads, maybe tomorrow.
Friday I noticed one of my centre caps had gone AWOL, and with a replacement out of the question I had to think of an idea, so today I ordered 4 x ideas to tide me over until the new wheels next year.
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After a centre caps went missing the other week I needed a replacement, after googling the part number I didn't get many results so I had to come up with a solution.
I was at work and saw a yellow acrylic discount that we use, and I had an idea, I measure the width and depth ofthe other cap and ordered 8 x 3mmx152mm discs in gloss white.
I needed 8 as the depth was 6mm so I glued 2 together, I then drilled a hole to accommodate my new bolts and secured my new centre caps

Although the centre caps themselves were a success in the sort term the colour wasn't quite right, so onto eBay for some vinyl

That didn't really work either, so bay to eBay for some more vinyl...

I'm now happy with this until some new wheels turn up.
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Picked up a couple of items from the body shop today.

Got home and started to pop the rear surround back on, I've had a bag of new trim clips knocking about the house but someone has moved them so I skipped the tailgate door trim and moved onto the grill.

off came the original grill and lost a clip down the air intake. So off came the intake and engine cover....said clip is now somewhere at the bottom of the engine bay.
The new grill fixes on with some different clips and it wouldn't quite attach and my twin horns were in the way
But here it is in situ
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So after the underseal job was complete the grill needed a freshen up.
Chrome trim was removed from the divider which unearthed 4 holes in the original. After a full and sand I'm stuck with with colour to do it.
View attachment 49
Below is the main grill half way through paint, looked much better than the weathered smoked chrome
View attachment 48
My chrome grill is looking tired and the chrome is coming off around the head light fitting. How did you spray the grill? Was it done through a spray shop?


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Yeah give it a good run down before you start, I'm no expert, I wanted it gloss but it came out satin
Satin would be good for the look I want. I suppose asking a bodyshop would be very expensive so looks like I need to learn how to gey the trims off once I have the car on my drive.

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So, last week after work I set about taking the headlights apart to paint the chrome surround Matt black to get it a more modern look.
Using a heat gun I set about heating up the edges once all screws were removed obviously, then carefully started to separate the lens from the unit.
I had to remove all the fly eye tint that I previously had on, this has left the lens with dimples in. Not sure weather this was from the adhesive or something else, I have since tried to sand sound and repolish the lens.
When I get on with something I forget to take pictures until the end, and then I realise the project thread will look a bit shit.
So here is the finished article not been out in the dark yet, but the fly eye stuff really had a negative effect on light output. Hopefully now it's naked again vision is improved

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Been focusing on interior modifications since the grill and headlight fettling.
First up took the plunge and ordered a double din fascia from JDM Planet, cost £106 in total and took just over a month to arrive but that was fine as I didn't have anything to put in it yet.

Once it arrived I purchased the new head unit, decided to go for an extrons item with everything. And so far it is performing well, I listen to music mainly from the internet, YouTube plays out to all screens and deezer for a random selection

The unit also has digital TV which I tested on install but the aerial is a little ugly magnet thing so haven't permanently installed yet. The GPS aerial runs behind the dash and sits at the bottom of the windscreen which I hardly notice.

I purchased the extra external microphone for hands free use, this I original ran up behind the A pillar across the top of the windscreen and stuck it to the overhead consul. Handsfree works a treat.
Still need to wire in the steering wheel controls and the extra wire for the factory sub to work but that's only a 20min job when I can be arsed.
When I took out the aftermarket jap tv tuner I found enough RCA cable tucked away to reach the head unit form the rear

Next up was some interior lighting. Purchased 5m RGB LED strip off eBay for £9, and then more and more wire and connectors until I had what I need to install. Cost about £30 in all, using add a fuse I tapped into a permanent live so lights can be used when engine is off, ran the cable up a pillar, under headlining to the overhead display. This is where I had the control box which then splits under the headlining to the B pillars the sensor for the remote just pokes out of the display.


The LED strips then run the length of the van and is stapled into the headlining.
While I had the overhead display out I fitted the external microphone in place over the original mic inside the display now it is out of sight.
Thinking of fitting some more light in the door steps and tailgate.
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