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The Boss
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RIght then, thanks to everyone who got their money in on time for the JAE tickets, we were able to get 10% off the overall ticket purchase price, this saved he club £200.

This money has been used to provide communal supplies for everyone to benefit from.

This does NOT mean that you don't have to bring your own food/drink, but it does mean that you might not have to bring as much.

This year the club is providing:

Fire Lighters
Paper Plates
Plastic Cups
Variety of Sauce (Tomato / Brown / BBQ / Mayo)
Bin Bags (Heavy Duty Black Sacks)
Kitchen & Toilet Roll
Hand Wipes / Hand Gel (this is mainly for after handling raw meat when using the BBQ)
Soft Drink (Coke & Fanta)
Bottles of Water
Some Generic Alcohol (Fosters / Strongbow / San Miguel / VK)
Sun Cream (SPF 50 for the kids and those with fair skin, SPF 30 for anyone else who wants it)

As said above, please don't take the mick and just abuse the communal supplies, but at the same time, don't be afraid to tuck in and take what you need.
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The Engineer
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Why do I get the feeling we're going to have a SHIT LOAD of beers again this year...

A pissed up friend of mine said once at a biker do "Are there any more beers available?" while stumbling to the beer pool. Yes sir, about 3 pools full! :p


The Boss
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Well, any booze left over on Sunday can be distributed to anyone who wants to take them.

I remember taking 6 bottles of Corona away from JAE 2016 and they never got drank. Had to throw them away as the caps had gone rusty and horrible lol.

That was a year later when I got the cooler box and found them in the bottom - forgotten about :joy:


Here for life
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And if you're taking beer fridges, don't forget the 'one out, one in' rule to keep the fridge nicely topped up :)

Yeah, everyone takes part in this. It's called "Self waiting". Worked really well the last few years mate :):joy: