Hi guys,
I am based in Glasgow and considering buying an Elgrand - read a lot of good stuff on this forum and thought I’d register to say hi and get some tips.


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Hi. If you can wait and have cash import one. Some of the prices these dealers are selling them at are eyewatering
Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

Thanks @Chasdad - I can wait if necessary and the import is definitely on the cards. I will probably be in touch with the guys from japautoagent next week.

I actually haven't driven an Elgrand yet so will visit a couple of local dealers this weekend to test drive a couple of Elgrands and some Alphards as well (not sure if should be mentioning this here...). On paper I am leaning towards the Elgrand - I think I would like the bigger engine better (comparing the 3l alphard with the 3.5l elgrand -both 4wd), I like the 4wd system on the Elgrand better, seems like the suspension might be a bit stiffer and there is a chain (not a timing belt). The only slight concerns were the cats (not really an issue but a bit of a concern - to make sure there hasn't been any damage caused to the engine already - this is probably a concern due to the lack of mechanical knowledge on my part), ISOFIX (again not an issue) and one review from a well known importer expressing his opinion that the Alphards were slightly more reliable (less expensive problems). I am sure both cars are pretty good but still leaning towards the Elgrand. To be honest if I see the right vehicle at a fair price I will go for it straight away - otherwise import it is.

@Madfish - let me get the Elgrand and the premium membership will follow. It might be in a couple of months or next week - you never know ;)


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Try Beforward.jp as well. I have imported a few cars including Elgrands, Fords and Lincolns through them. Very simple process and good cheap cars (though not always high auction grades).

Please do not shoot me down. In the interests of impartiality beforward are a good alternative to the classic importer such as Firstchoice, Japautoagent etc. Not everybody has £5000+ for a car


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I've looked into beforward. They do seem cheap but they ramp up the shipping fee.
The best ones they sell are the ones that can be sold to Australian and new Zealand as there import laws are stricter. They are also the dearer ones

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deposit paid on a 2003 E51 X model!

Do you see anything worrying on the auction sheet?

Received a lot of pictures - pretty clan all around apart from couple of scratches - nothing major.
Looks lovely @FilX tha auction sheet looks good and a B interior!! :p

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Cheers @Richard Fox - it's the beige cloth interior - noting fancy but very clean. If we end up converting will change it anyway if not might think of doing something with it. Wanted a solid base vehicle to start with. Just paid for carvx report as well- don't really have concerns but was curious.
If the agent is up for it, ask him to put a set of seat covers on out in Japan before it ships, will cost about £200 (depending what ones you want) where as same ones would cost closer to £500 if you had to ship them over to the UK and pay tax on them.