E51 Check engine light help! (Clearing EML/CEL)


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Hi all,
I've got the orange check engine light on the dash, which also pops up on the screen just after starting. If you click through to the menus and "JAF" it gives code 3189. No symptoms I've noticed.

Does anyone know what this means?

Will a regular ODB2 code reader shed more light on it?

Finally is it worth resetting to see if it stays gone, and what's the procedure for that please?


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No idea what JAF refers to or the numbers.

To read / clear DTC & CEL without a scanner / code reader the car can do it itself... info is on my blog here

iCarsoft do a stand alone code reader that worked well on my car. http://www.icarsoft.com/web/icarsof...ntools/2012/201212/20121229121950h6emf_1.html

Or Nissan Data Scan on pc.

Or knock off Nissan Consult 2/3

Or take it to a dealer that has a reader for Asian cars. Some of the Creader dealer level stuff works amongst others so it's worth trying a few local garages until you find one than can communicate.


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Thanks Mr Rob_in!
I bought Nissan Datascan and it worked, told me the code was "brake light switch or circuit"
Well that's possible, I was towing with it this morning and trailer electrics are always dodgy.
Sure enough the brake lights weren't working so I found the fuse and replaced it. Lights work again, great.

Check engine light still on, so I connected the laptop again and tried to clear the code. Unfortunately the fault code is persisting :(


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Hi all, just reporting back that before I got the chance to check the brake switch, the fault warning disappeared, so I guess it was just the fuse.
Thanks for the help!