Whitby Meet Pics - 29.03.15


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Thank you to all who came and made today a great one. 11 Elgrand's and roughly 30 people attended, despite the poor weather.

It's amazing to thing that my first meet was here 1 year ago, and now we have so many more people coming. Maybe next year we'll break the 20 member mark.

Sorry that 3 people had to drop out last minute, but c'est la vie, we all have things we need to deal with some, but thank you all for letting me know in advance that you wouldn't be able to attend.

So, without further ado, here's the pics :D



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Great pics from a great day dude, we had a great day, it's amazing that I've been to about 5 Elgrand meets now and every Elgrand is different, never seen 2 the same yet!!!!


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I agree with Ellis, Elgrands are built or modified by the individual owners to their own tastes which makes for an interesting spectical when the owners get together. I cant wait for the big Jap meets where we can really put on a show. Well done everyone for the good turnout.