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My workmate could had died today as the roof we were working on collapsed ... health n safety my hairy arse ... don't try roof surfing .... gravity will always win ... no broken bones just bruised n battered ...


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dozy vehicle standards???? agency took eight weeks to send my log book back with MY address on it and the CORRECT engine size, PLUS I had to send TWO letters chasing the arseholes. Not even a letter of apology. Thank god Noddy and Big Ears didn't ask to see my three and one half cc engine.
To get rid of foxes threaten to turn them into Glacier Mints, or shoot the shits!!


Part of the furniture (please de-cat your e51/2)
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Uugh! Excitedly updated to iOS 11 ... looks pretty but I’d forgotten about how slow and battery hungry phones get when they are processing a major system update... 3/4 days of lag expected but I’m wondering how my 3 year old phone will cope after that ...