What have you done to your Elgrand today?


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Evening all ,
I wondered if anyone can tell me if this
is this a common problem on the E50 model ?
I've noticed that both front tyres on my van are starting to wear on the inside edges, nothing near as bad as poor karls but quite noticeable , leading me to purchase new tyres too ! 😕👎
Also , can you put van tyres on these vehicles ?
Cheers , Nathan
My last E50 likes to eat inside tyre walls... and my current one does as well. I put it down to the fact that both of mine were lowered considerably on coilovers with no other adjustment of any kind.


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Don't know if any of these will work for you.
Alloy wheel cleaning hacks
While you should clean alloy wheels thoroughly using recommended cleaning products, some stains could be removed by home solutions.

  • Aluminium tinfoil & cola: If you have rust spots that need removing, this mixture works excellently. Soak a piece of aluminium foil (also called tinfoil) in some cola and rub it against the rust like you would if you were sanding a piece of wood.
  • Vinegar: Lingering grease can affect the quality and appearance of your alloys, but it can be removed with an application of white vinegar on a microfibre cloth. Cider also works well for this purpose.
  • Lemon juice: If you’ve managed to remove the toughest stains from your alloys, why not make those clean wheels even more distinctive by adding a splendid shine? Squeeze some lemon juice onto the alloys (or apply with a cloth) and leave it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing off with water.
  • Oven cleaner: Brake dust is quite hard to eliminate, even with plentiful scrubbing, but an oven cleaning product can remove this stubborn stain. Shake the container, spray it into the wheels (be careful not to get any on the bodywork of your vehicle) and leave it for a few minutes before a quick scrub and hosing.
  • Baking soda: When allowed to set into your wheels, rust can be damaging, so baking soda is an ideal home remedy. Mix with water to create a paste, apply the mixture to your wheels and rinse off afterwards.
  • Baby oil: For shiny, rust-free alloy wheels, you could do a lot worse than apply a dab of baby oil on a cotton cloth. Dab is the operative word here as you don’t want to go overboard on the quantity, and it’s especially important not to get the oil on your tyres.
  • WD40: Few products remove tar better than WD40. Spray the substance onto affected areas of the wheels and scrub with a stiff brush before rinsing with a hose, as any lingering WD40 could seep onto the tyre and make it dangerously slick.
I've tried many branded metal cleaners and found them pretty useless, however Britemax Twins are really very effective, I believe its popular with Harley Davidson riders. I use on all sorts of things and to remove very heavy discolouration and marks from a chrome exhaust tip which had probably been like it for 20+, it doesn't seem to very abrasive and score the surface but also doesn't take a great deal of effort. Haven't tried it on wheel cleaner stains but it could be worth a go on you wheels @Karl.

It seems fairly pricey but well worth it:


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After collecting the new car i found that the "select" button on the panel below wasnt working properly, Colin sent me a new one up which arrived this morning, fitted and working a treat.

Also just booked in with @Lpgc to work his black magic.
Do you have the English translation for the these buttons, and any others in the vehicle including the remotes,collecting mine today

Richard Fox

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I bought the English stickers here on ebay , sure makes it easier esp with the remotes !

here is one of Ellas rear , she has a nice V6 note now the rear cats are gone.
i doubt i will ever use the tow bar but its good to have it there. View attachment 5020
Lovely wheels buddy! @davee Would love to hear what the exhaust sounds like, youtube clip?! :p


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