E51 What am I missing guys???

Hi all, had a brilliant and productive day today...

Added DAB module to Pumpkin stereo, downloaded correct DAB+ app, fixed Kinetic DMA-1006 aerial to back of Elgrand, routed it through back brake light and through trim, past TV tuner, through the back step and under the driver’s seat, under the over carpets and into centre console and then into the HU. Now works great.

Wired up steering wheel controls and got the HU to learn them and they now work brilliant. Far safer than having to reach across to turn the volume up/down. Thanks @kleen for your brilliant tutorial!

To get the sat-nav from the Pumpkin 10.1 to the Nissan screen I’ve bought a (stupidly expensive) Beat-Sonic AVC-14 cable from Japan as I had a TV tuner behind the trim at the back, but no red / yellow / white RCA connectors. I’ve plugged it into the TV tuner and used a 5m RCA red / yellow / white cable to run through trim, through the step and under seat and carpet as I have done with the DAB aerial cable. That then plugs into a little harness that plugs into the HU. Everything went well, or so I thought.

I cannot get an image on the Nissan screen (music / sat-nav / video)... I’ve toggled the ‘play video whilst moving’ option on the HU, had the engine on / off, had the foot brake on / off, all while going through the VTR / TV manual / TV auto options.

Could it be my TV unit / Beat-Sonic cable / 5m extension cable are broken.

Am I missing something really obvious???

If anyone has any ideas, I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks guys!!!


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Is the TV tuner at the back have its own remote control ? Is it turned ON and have its own AUX input selected ? If I read your description correctly you are going via the tuner to get to the head unit ? Is the output of the TV tuner still plugged into the Nissan screen system ?
Hi @spuddyo, unfortunately I don’t have the second remote as we don’t have the drop down screen in the back.

I’ve had a look at the TV tuner box at the back and from memory there are various cables plugged into it, so I think that side of it is OK. I’ll have to search and find other pics of other people’s tuner box and compare them.

I scoured the forum last night and might have found what I need... a cable that plugs into the navigation DVD system to disable the motion sensor (I think). Could someone confirm that who has a bit more knowledge / experience than me.

Anyway, cheers for getting back to me!!!


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The motion sensor you mentioned ( from parking brake ) just stops you from watching movies on the move, you should see then OK when parked with handbrake on. The remote control I referred to in my car is a Panasonic Remote ( the tuner in my Elgrand is Panasonic ) not one of the factory Nissan rear seat remotes. Good luck, without being there and seeing it, I am all out of ideas.
Cheers @spuddyo, I’ll have a look at the TV tuner to see if there is any branding on it. I’ve definitely not got another remote other than the sunroof Nissan one.

I’ll have a poke about and double check to make sure that everything is plugged in (although 99.9% sure that it is) :(

Other than that, I’m struggling...

... anyone else got any ideas???

Alan Morgan

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Until @Rob comes along to tell us how he got the Pumpkin to display on the OEM front screen, and you have a Series 1 E51, the following may be of help?

1. Assuming you have the Pumkin Video Out connected to the rear RCA sockets, see my posting here for the buttons to press to see the Pumkin screen replicated on the OEM front dash screen
2. If you have no rear RCA sockets, and you have the standard OEM TV uit, you will need the Beatsonic AVC14 cable - the following pictures show you what the cable looks like and were it plugs in.