E50 Turbo Inlet Pipe QD32 & MAF (3.2 TD) - Common Problem


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The Turbo Inlet Pipe on the Elgrand E50 was pretty badly designed. It is a very common problem for this to split, which is a bigger problem than you might think.

Where/What to buy

Replacement pipes are available online. Just search for Elgrand E50 Turbo Inlet Pipe, there are 3 products available:

Original PATTERN part: These look like original parts, but you'll know they're not because they'll be around the £30 - £40 mark. They are cheap knock offs and will last you 12 months before causing an issue again (maybe longer if you are lucky). Aside from being made of cheaper materials, they also have the same design flaw as the original, so will split at the same point.

Original OEM part: Nissan supplied OEM part. These are available, usually around the £90 mark. These are a direct replacement for the original pipe and will last you another 10 years. But, they have the same design flaw (why wouldn't they, they're the same part), and will split as your original has done.

Silicon Upgrade part (Recommended): The one piece silicone replacement hose is a perfect replacement for the turbo inlet pipe. Whether it's broken or not I advise everyone with a QD32 to buy one of these as there are benefits to using this over the stock pipe. For one, it's a much better, flexible design that will not split. It also has a smoother internal surface which helps airflow into the turbo (this benefit is negligible, but still worth nothing). Also, with it being silicone, it is much easier to put on and remove, so it aids any future work that involved removing this pipe. It is available for £60 ish (usually with £5 P&P) and can come in a variety of colours (although some options are more expensive). So, they are more expensive than the pattern part, but actually cheaper than an OE replacement that has the same design flaw.

So then, what's the problem?

If you think your QD32 might be a little down on power, or isn't running right then you could have an issue with your pipework.

Just as a bit of technical information around the issue. The QD32 engine relies on a air flow readings from your MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow). As the turbo spools up, it draws in air through the MAF. This tells the engine how much air it should be expecting to get in, and adjusts the fuelling to match. If there is a discrepancy between what the MAF sensor is telling the ECU is coming in, and what is actually coming in, then there is a chance you will end up with the wrong air/fuel ratio.

There is a particular section of the pipe, just after a reinforcement point on the pipe where the rubber splits, and sometimes causes the pipe to actually split in half. If this has happened, then your turbo is actually sucking MORE air into the engine that it thinks, as this air is coming in AFTER the MAF sensor. This means that the fuel injected into the engine will be less than it should be, which is known as running lean. This can cause ENGINE DETONATION. :thumbdown:

Aside from this, this air is also NOT being passed through the air filter, which means you are drawing in dust, dirt, sand, water and anything else that might be airborne. This will clog your turbo and can cause it to fail.

The lesser side effects of this are lumpy running, lumpy idling and a general lack of power.

Fixing it is a piece of cake. you don't need to be a mechanic to be able to swap it (I did it, and that's saying something), but you do need a general awareness of mechanics so you know what you are looking at and how to put it back together again. You'll need to remove the top of the air filter box that is connected to the MAF sensor and the MAF sensor itself. Once they are off, it's just a case of wiggling around to get the turbo pipe off. I'm hoping someone can do a how to for this, I can't because I've already modified the whole system.


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Not sure what the set up is on the Neo, but yeah, a silicon replacement will always be an improvement. It's just a case of whether it's worth it or not. If there is no known fault (like there is on the QD32) then it's really a personal preference as to whether you go for it or not.

David Morison

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Replaced mine on the QD32ETi with a Samco Silicone one as the original was almost completely fractured. Easy job, took me about 20 minutes, running much more sweetly now. Just the MAF and EGR to check out now.



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Well have to get mine checked at weekend, may be the reason for it occasionally stalling out when coming to a stop.


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The Samco hose is the only way to go...if you still have the original just buy the Samco.

I changed mine four or five years ago and it is still going strong. When I took the original Nissan one off I had a small hole in the rear which I could not even see...

Made a huge difference. So does an original Nisan oil filter....the oil light goes out much quicker,,


Last Samco one on eBay...not. Mine....


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