Translation of YUPITERU manual or advice

Dave M

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Been playing with my Elgrand today and after removing and replacing the feed fuse, bugger me the remote start worked ONCE. Managed to start and stop the engine via the remote. Couldn't remember the button sequence so removed the fuse again after trying loads of button pushes. Trouble is now all the under dash box does is bleep until I switch on the ignition. I'm guessing the remote needs re pairing with the under dash box. Managed to download a manual for the YUPITERU VE-E5 which matches my stuff but although the web page said it would be in English it's not its in Japanese. Anyone know how to pair the remote and under dash box or a way I can easily get the manual translated please.
Thank god it still starts and runs without the fuse😀

Garry Daniels

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One method I know is to open the file in Google Chrome. You can then right-click on it and choose to translate the entire thing into English.
Also I think Apple phones can do similar translation tricks.
Can't help with the wiring issue.
See attachment below.



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I couldn't find the instructions for mine, but when I found the receiver, I found printed diagrams so worked it out myself.