The other 200 cars I drive


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USD to have a similar rig for Microsoft combat flight simulator many moons ago. Sold it all years ago when I got bored with it all.


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What it consists of........
Intel I7 470k running at 4.01GHZ water cooled with Corsair H115i cooled with Noctua fans

32gb Ram

Built in a NXZT case with akasa fan control an loads of fans

Corsair HX1200 power supply unit

Strix Z270F Gaming motherboard

Hyper x fury hi frequency ddr 3 ram

2xSamsung SSD 850 evo

12 tb of other drives

USB expansion card

MSI 1080 ti gaming X graphics card

Corsair gaming keyboard and mouse

3 AOC led 24inch monitors 1 pixel out on two of the screens

2 7 in tablets and 1 10 in to run the telemetry

Sim racing hardware sli

Oculus rift with touch controls

Thrustmaster t500 with Ferrari F599 evo alcantara

Thrustmaster TH8A gear stick

Fanatec clubsport 2.5 pedals

Creative 5.1 speakers

X box wireless controller

All built in an aluminium profile rig with racing seat

Even a fan to keep you cool

Sim racing button box

Engine start button to start the pc

arduino uno to control the seat rumble motors