T4-E51 convert!

Hi All,
I'm the new kid on the block! I have been reading about Elgrands for a little while and feel like I have looked at every single wed site about them at least 10 times. However, there is a lot of conflicting information and certainly people who get fact confused with opinion!

I am looking to get my first Elgrands in the next few months. My current dilemma is 2.5 or 3.5, particularly around MPG, and where it is best to buy them from? This wil be a daily use vehicle for work so need it to match the reliability of my Avensis Estate.

More ramblings to follow I'm sure!


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Welcome to the club :)

Avoid the 2.5, essentially the same mpg as the 3.5 but with reduced performance.

It was only mate an option due to certain tax pressed in Japan. Makes no sense at all choosing one outside of Japan.

Where to buy from is up to you, your budget and your timescale.

Direct import from Japan via auction gives the best cars at best price imo

Buying from a dealer over here reduces a lot of the unknown, allows you to inspect first and will generally come with some form of warranty or buyer protection but there are steep overheads to pay.

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I went through a dealer as I’m impatient and couldn’t be bothered to import myself.. dealer I used sorted out a 2din stereo and also fitted a over head dvd as my model a highway star it doesn’t come as standard . Would recommend a 3.5 engine same as mad fish reasons ... there is a wealth of knowledge on here which has helped me since buying a elgrand almost two years ago... from key programming to sticky calipers to sourcing a new bumper( the wife fault not mine)