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EOC Crazies said:
One day I spotted an Elgrand parked in a bay, nobody had noticed the broken Transporter parked beside. A right shed, load of mess, sprayed all up in red glitter. The owner arrived with his three perfect short offspring, all eating rubber shoes called crocs. They stunk of a tramp's foreskin. A passer by saw the disgrace of the VW with blood tires and proceeded to stab himself repeatedly in his sack. His balls fell and rolled, chased by a rapid horny Welsh man who was chewing a toy dalek and shouting "I have a hamster up my ass!" the Welshman said "Want to see what a real hamster looks like?!" So he proceeded to unzip his zipper; "Do you mind coaxing him back and forth with a picture of Margaret Thatcher or Rolf Harris with his didgeridoo?"
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