E51 Shimmy over bumps


I have an issue with my recently purchased '05 Rider...

Over bumps/divots in road at any decent speed (over 40mph ish) I get a shimmy/shake and feel like I'm loosing control of the vehicle slightly for a second.

Going to take it in to be looked at next week but does anyone have any pointers as to what it could be? The problem doesn't seem to occur at other times such as when braking or reaching high speeds. Tyres are only a few years old and look to be in good condition etc. Ride is generally pretty good other than this although does feel quiet bouncy over speed bumps/rough ground ( not sure if this is normal though as no previous Elgrand experience to compare to!)

Last MOT advisories did state 'nearside and offside suspension arm bushes deteriorated but not resulting in excessive movement' so thought this could be a reason?

Not expecting a definitive answer but any suggestions would help!

Finally, can anyone recommend any garages/mechanics in the North Devon/north Cornwall area that know there Elgrands?

Baz L

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I think the first port of call would be the bushes, they're not that expensive to do.
Try Giles sat The Elgrand Warehouse , St Austell