WANTED Rider Rear Tailgate "Garnish"

Dave M

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Ive just put a deposit on a white Rider but on inspecting the vehicle it has become apparent that the rear light "garnish" that goes across the tailgate has been badly cracked during its journey from Japan.
The guy Im buying it from is trying to source a replacement but I thought it would be worth a try on here to find one as I dont want to accept the vehicle with the cracked item in place with a view that one may turn up later. If anybody has one or knows where there may be one for sale please let me know.


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Hi Steve
Spoke to you earlier re the rear lights, I have given Jason your details but I think he has already spoken to you re the rear lights and number plate surround that he needs to repair the shipping damage.
Soz for late reply yes hes bought rider light bar and tailgate garnish from us. He will probably have them about now


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@stevemen do you have any clear front wing indicators?
Hi richard sorry for late reply. Yes i have one set of clear wing indicators, but they are not cheap im afraid mate, none of the rider parts are as they are hard to come by , its rare we get riders in for breaking and to get them in we have to pay a premium price hence its reflected in the parts cost.