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a lot of the newer models were not subject to any recalls so wont appear in the recall page
But it still shouldn’t show an ‘unrecognised chassis number error’ (as we are getting from time to time) if no recall. Just no outstanding recalls.


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The Following link will allow you to enter your vin/ chassis number to allow you check on Nissan .jp data base the status of your vehicle

ie E51 052474 (use capital letter)

Well it appears mine has had 4 recalls in total carried out. Built in March 2004 mine was. E51- 063258

1. done in 2006 @ 2 years old
2. done in 2008 @ 4 years old
3. done in 2009 @ 5 years old
4. done in 2013 @ 9 years old

The only problem is its all in Japanese so I cannot understand what it all means and what mine has had done recall wise:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: unless there is an English translation button somewhere?????


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And if I remember rightly internet explorer was right click & select accelerator - translate

I think android tablets/phones use google chrome as @daddyof4 mentions above. Haven't got a clue how to right click on those though.

And for apple products we need @Richard Fox :)