E51 RCA AUX not working

Mike Anderton

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Hi all,

Recently bought a 06' E51. I'm having issues with the RCA external inputs at the rear and have a couple of questions:

1) We have an after-market DVD(PAL) player (in when car bought). Is it true that removal of the original DVD player stops the rear RCA inputs from working?? Why is this?? Can it be rectified??

2) The TV Tuner in the back is useless outside Japan. Can this be removed, and the wiring here be used to give some additional RCA inputs or connected to another device (e.g. phone / android console etc)???

End goal is to use these options for music / film / if possible sat nav ???

Help much appreciated!


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Oe system is

RearAux(VTR)>TV Module > Nav Module
then video to screens & audio to oe headunit.
They are all interconnected (control each other) so removing one kills functionality of others.
Hence you need correct smart adapter to keep av functions when fitting aftermarket headunit.

So your rear rca / RearAux (VTR) is being used by your glove box mounted DVD player (probably).