WANTED Qashqai wheels

Declan Cullinan

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Hi all, I'd like a set of the tekna wheels to fit my e51. I have 2 sets of wheels i could sell or swap. I have standard 17" alloys (see pic) with pretty new tyres and a set of 20" chrome lxry hanes jdm wheels that i believe are quite desirable. They need new tyres though.
Both sets need a refurb but I'd be willing to swap both for some qq wheels and tyres. Sound fair?? IMG-20170928-WA0016.jpg


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If ONLY the outer rim edges are rashed then a set of Alloy Gators will cover it all and negate the need to have the wheels refurbished which as full chrome they will not be able to be done as the cost would be massive. My 19 inch full chromes had slight rim edge rash which is why I had the Alloy Gators fitted. They look great, come in all sorts of colours and further protect your rims from kerbing. SNV32431.JPG SNV32430.JPG

chris wills

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Well i guessed 8.5 x 20 et38 and they are 8.5 x 20 et35. i was 3mm out lol. if they were wider they would be worth a bit but as they are not huge amounts.