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Well having done so much work on my "Kenstyle E51 i thought i would be keeping it for a long time, my intentions were to swap over the air suspension and a few other bits onto the Kenstyle and then sell the Rider, as it turns out the Rider is seriously clean and is now going to be my new motor.

It already has series 2 rear lights, it will be getting a nice LED upper light to compliment the lower 2.

It has the Bold World air suspension fitted which is awesome and is going to be easier to keep on rather than swap it all over.

Plans are to swap over exhaust, Impul ECU, Induction Kit, my screens and dvd systems all into the new one.

There will be 10 screens inc the original Nissan one, 3 subs, 4 amps, door builds, a pillar builds, extra dvd players, plus lots more. i have a few ideas.

chris wills

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First job to start getting all the unwanted wiring and old electrics out. the yellow tank and black box are compressor and air tank for a set of air horns.

There were 6 12v cigar lighter adaptors in numerous places for all sorts of lights and things, a full japanese cb radio system with electric mount, a heads up display system, which i may keep.

Going to sort out insurance tomorrow and get an MOT booked this week, cn then get the registration process going.

Kenstyle front and rear bumpers going on off of the other one, keeping the side skirts and door trims.

Will probably swap tailgates over.

Need to find some shorter shocks for the rear so i can get the ai ride to go lower on the back.

chris wills

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Well so far things havent gone quite to plan, there was so much wiring to remove from the car that it took me an absolute age, i have then been rough as hell over the weekend with no energy at all and didnt really get much done, fitted some of the video leads thouh as there are alot of them. i have mounted the throttle controller where the power/snow button used to be, never use it, will leave it hidden behind the stereo.

I have cut out the door cards for the new door builds and will be using some focal speakers up front, i have actually bought some used Hertz speakers off fleabay but one of the mids has a shot voice coil. cheeky seller.

I have managed to buy two new airbags for the front shocks as they are quite perished, easy to get thankfully.

Have decided to fit my 9 inch monitior into the drivers sunvisor and have the original nissan screen just for the reverse camera.

I am considering putting cameras into all 4 corners of the bumpers to aid with kerbs and using the stereo screen for those.

Problems encountered so far; series 2 rear lights are bigger than series one, series 2 bumper is a fair bit bigger than series 1 as well, this has meant that i cant swap over the rear kenstyle bumper as we want to keep the s2 rear lights.

Also found that the side skirts and door panels are not just bonded on they are screwed on so we are having to keep them too.

Looking like its going to be a Kenstyle front with Wblood rear and sides.

Another thing i found out, series 2 front lights are actually a good 25mm smaller than series one.


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Shit man. Why do you have to continually make me envious :eek::p

Good luck - can't wait to see it come along.

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Found that the airbags had the wrong end plates fitted but luckily i have managed to swap them over, so now have new firestone airbags fitted to the front shocks, i have managed to get new front drop links/ball joints/track rod ends fitted along with some powerflex bushes.

Almost MOT ready, have fitted fog light and switch, used a Hilux fog light switch, mounted in a blank on the dash.

I have relocated the power door button from lower dash upto the blank by the passenger knee, i have fitted my graphic in the space under steering wheel cowling, bass cube is fitted in the little cubby hole in front of fuse box.

DVD visor fitted to passenger side, 7 inch tft screen fitted to rear view mirror, 9 inch screen into the drivers visor, all wired in now.

Fitted 8 way screen splitter under drivers seat, another 4 way splitter mounted in the dash, now going to be 12 screens in it!

Fitted an OBD lead to enable me to use my throttle controller off the OBD , OBD now located under steering wheel.

4 way camera splitter fitted into void uder drivers side a pillar, waiting for new mirrors to turn up so i can fit my new cameras.

Next up this weekend is try to get it all tidy again inside, need to get some custom rear shocks to let the air ride go right to the floor on the rear.

Bumper will be off this weekend, swapped for the Kenstyle.

Lots and lots of leds turning up for me to carry on with my light project.

Wheels not turned up yet but should be very soon.

Brakes will be swapped this weekend too.

Its already lovely i haveto admit.

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Been a bit slack on the pic taking, will add a few soon, have got over half the screens working now, have decided to add another too along with another 4 way splitter so we can have more external cameras.

Found that front and rear bumpers from a series 2 will not fit series one and vice versa, the series 2 bumpers are huge compared to series one and the front panels are totally different. would need major mods to get it to fit so for now i am stuck with Jimmy Hills chin as a front bumper. i will get another at some point.

New air ride switches fitted into the centre console either side of the cigar lighter socket.

New dvd player player fitted into the lower centre console.

Mot passed with no advisories, V55 sent off so now just waiting for DVLA to get it sorted.

I have fitted the strut tops for the strut brace but havent yet fitted the brace as there are bits to do in the engine bay still.

Have got the Impul ecu fitted, fitted the induction kit and heatwrapped it to keep temps down, this time i fitted a heatshield too.

Bought a Minicon Pro too and will get that fitted this weekend if i can, not going to get muxh done as we are away sun.

Its getting there. want to get a set of Nismo ARBS fited too.

chris wills

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it adjusts the fuel air ratio, it allows more fuel to be put in by altering the maf settings upto give or take 10%.

I have plans for a new inlet system too.

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I have been really lax with picture taking but have put quite alot onto the facebook page, it has got almost to the stage where its just the engine to sort out.

It has the following.

Impul Ecu
Minicon pro fuel adjuster.
Upper cusco strut brace.
Full Blitz Exhaust system.
Full air ride inc new bags.
Nismo front and rear anti roll bars.
8 pot front K Sport calipers and 370mm discs.
11 screen inside which can all run together or seperate.
2 dvd players, one in the usual dash position and one in a centre console.
15 inch sub in custom made boot install.
Phoenix Gold amp under passenger seat.
Italian amp powering sub.
Focal speakers in custom made door pods and a pillar trims.
Y50 Fuga induction kit made to fit Elgrand.
Work Lanvec LM1 20 inch alloys, 9x20 front 10 x 20 rear.
Both sun visors are now 12 inch widescreen monitors.
DEFI heads up display converted to run in E51.
Custom speedo dials with blue leds.
Graphic EQ under steering wheel.
Custom made led rear lights upper and lower. (soon to be replaced with new ones i have built)
Range Rover Sport vents cut into wings with Sequential led strips behind.
Kenstyle front grille with led strips behind connected to sequencer.
Cameras in both mirrors and in bumper.
front side lights are rgb remote control.
powerflex bushes in front arms.
DRLS fitted into front bumper.
New digital air pressure gauge fitted for air ride.
Switches for air ride now in centre dash below stereo.
Sequential LED Strips fitted to the sliding door recess
Light up side steps(soon to be replaced with new ones)
Dash cam hard wired in.
Blue LED strips fitted into the footwells.

On the list to do within the next week are front camber adjustment plates and some new lights fitted to the vents.
New style flowing side steps fitted when they get here.

Over winter a full 350z engine will be going in. i have sourced an engine to rebuild, will be fitted with a few extras, will have full 350 inlet system too. shpuld be able to hit the 350 bhp and 300 torque figure if calculations are right.

Still need to get some brackets made up to allow the rear of the van to hit the deck on the air ride, currently the front hits the floor but rear doesnt.

On the way from japan to be here in the next month or so are a full set of cusco underbody braces to help stiffen it all up.

there is still more i want to do but havent managed to get it all done yet, currently in the process of building a replacement led rear light, centre now doen just the outer 2 corner lights to process. full led operated on a sequencer so it will be a dancing light effect at the rear.

Blue speedo setup made.

Cruise control fitted.

lower led lights

Door and pillar pods

DRLS fitted into lower bumper. headlamp covers fitted

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Well today i decided to try and fit the camber adjustable top plates i bought, after stripping the drivers side strut out i found that they dont fit. utter pain in the arse, bought from japan so not the easiest thing to send back. am going to have to get a mate to machine up some sort of collar to enable me to use them. i dont want to use the camber bolts anymore so the wheels are not tucked under the arches anymore.

Tried a spacer onto the sliding door today too, a little too big but something around 8mm is doable. that plus a couple of other mods shuld enable to fit some wide arches to the rear and some bigger wheels, maybe some 12 x 20 with a huge dish. not a job ill be doing anytime soon though.

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Small updates, I have fitted some Nismo ghost lights to the doors, got my mate to fit white leds to the needles on the speedo cluster so i now have blue lettering along with white/clear needles, not sure about it yet as i fee the needles may need to be coloured.

Stripped out the back end ready for the custom build to house the air ride and the sub, may have changed my mind about the sub and amp setup, have upgraded the front amp for the focals and im now thinking of going for a 12 inch sub rarther than the 15 i have now.

My new engine gets collected tomorrow, ready for it to be played with over winter and rebuilt, will be at a stage to go in after xmas and should be in and running in the space of a couple of days, few custom made parts but a full 350z engine will be going in.