Project Magpie


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Looking forward to seeing this although your tastes are completely opposite to mine :) (which is a good thing)

I'm all for removing the bling :)

100% positive though that the work will be up to your usual high standard and especially interested in your RGB and EL lighting mods...

Mr G

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Like the finish on the wheels. I, like madfish, like to remove the bling but I do like where your going with it.


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If you'd said about all the swarovski then I'd have suggested Project Vajazzle!

Looking forward to this all coming together. As Karl said, it'll look epic.


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Loving the D.A.D stuff! There's a couple limitless bits of theirs I want also such as number plate bolts and possibly neck pillows either D.A.D or Junction Produce :)


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Sweet. I'd wince every time I had to stick me hoofs on those pedal covers though. You'll have to change into a soft pair of ballet pumps when you get in your bus!
pretty amazing. I wonder if there are any other options for those 3d lights. Maybe even custom led 3d graphics where you upload an image to be displayed :)

Widnes Jay

WoW!!! Project magpie is a blinged up high maintenance passion wagon, Every man's wet dream, " Well mine " :D credit where credit is due you've done an awesome job there, You should be very proud.Thanks for Sharing