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Hi guys new to the forum, have an 02 plate 3.5 v6 4x4 auto elgrand. Wish I d looked earlier as I ve now killed the engine, put a replacement in removed the rear cats and now it runs on 3 cylinders and won't pass an mot due to emissions(you start it and trees die its that bad) it set off the fire alarms in the mot test station. If any one has any ideas I ve spent £3000 to fix and now broke and no van. My van is my pride and joy help!!


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To be honest mate, it sounds like you've either bought a duff engine or it's not been fitted correctly.
I'd be going back to the garage that did the repairs in all honest as they should be able to guarantee their work. You should also have some sort of warranty on the engine you used to replace the dead one.


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Hi,did u do work yourself ?? If done at garage take it back ,only probs I've heard after engine change is connection been goosed , plastic goes brittle over time hence sensors or connection not connected,also was engine a gd un before it was put in ,


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As above, take it back to where they came from. If you didn't do it yourself and paid someone else to do it, you have grounds with Trading Standards. Unless you signed a declaration to say "It is how you see it here" you have the rights to get it done properly.

If the emissions are a POS I'd say there's a world of problems. Fuel injectors, valves/valve clearances, spark plugs, the fuel itself, head gaskets, valve o-rings, piston rings, coolant hoses, oil feeds, cylinder walls, the pistons... Many many expensive causes could be the issue for poor emissions and running on 3 cylinders. I take it the problem only started with this new engine, as unless your cats were already long past fucked, debris could have gotten in to the engine.

Take it back. Fight to get them to do it, 'cause otherwise, I'd recommend your first steps are checking your timing is correct, your sparks are firing, injectors are actually injecting fuel, compression testing, checking valve clearances, checking piston and cylinder walls, checking head gasket. (In that order).

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Cartman - deeply sorry to read of your experiences. It sure sucks the joy out of the otherwise wonderful experience of owning an Elgrand.
I don't disagree for a moment with the opinions given here, and I'm not an auto engineer it must be said, and the problems you have may very well be mechanical in nature. However, as a newbie you may not know that there are a huge range of diagnostic tools available via the ECU (Electronic control Module) unit which is an inbuilt device. There are many links on this site about how to do this - in short, you plug in an electronic tool which links either to a laptop or to an Android phone to "read" the ECU which is in effect a central monitoring computer. This will show you fault codes (if there are any) which leads to diagnosing the problem components. There are several options available, from simple to advanced, but most of them are quite cheap to buy. Incidentally, this saves you from being ripped off by garages charging a small fortune to run a "diagnostics" test on your engine. The more advanced packages allow you to analyze the engine's performance to pinpoint problems. For instance you can turn on / turn off each cylinder from firing to narrow down the culprit, adjust the fuel mixture, and so on. Here is a link to such a product. At the bottom of the page is a downloadable user's manual which describes the possibilities.