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My oldest is almost 14 next down is a tall 11 they will have the lap belts will be a bit less elbow room than my current c8 but a crap ton more leg room and boot room which they all agree they would rather have.

Not many options out there for 8 seats beyond what I have at the moment and hate and the i800 but I heard they have their fair share of issues plus diesel I want to get away from that. Other option was a minibus but my wife was really not keen on driving one to work etc not much space there to park so I had limited options that I could afford.

As said before had a lucida before my c8 and we all have very fond memories of it they all loved the twin sunroofs etc so hopefully this was the right decision only time will tell.

As a side note someone on facebook recently got a 3 point belt fitted to their elgrand think they said 290 quid I may actually go down that route.
The Lucida got my into the MPV thing to start with. all jumping into the father in laws old dog of a van
The Lucida got my into the MPV thing to start with. all jumping into the father in laws old dog of a van
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That looks almost exactly like my old one I had same jtop colour etc god I miss that old wreck of a car cost next to nothing in repairs unlike the car i replaced it with which for the last 3 years has been approx 2k a year in repairs. Wish I hadn't switched only got rid due to engine management light being on for over a year and the engine sounding like a tank think something was blocked due to veg oil but could never find the cause checked all 3 filters even pulled the carpet out to check the wee one in middle of car thought the car might die on me (All disclosed to the person i sold it to) so sold it. Mistake :(


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There is another way too called JEVIC which ive seen a lot.

If you buy from any of the well know dodgy dealers then they will not give you anything paperwork wise albeit if you buy from a good reputable dealer who has nothing to hide like my dealer WRM I was issues with copies of all my Elgrands paperwork which shows everything about my vehicles life it had in Japan. Mine was a 1 family owned example too and I even have the owners name and address.
My BIMTA certificate says it's been JEVIC checked too so that's good to note. Of course it's based on when it was sold in Japan rather than a full history but they do state that the mileage is correct & there have been no major accidents :)


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Jesus - the chip vs facia debate is shocking.

The chip is a poor method. Having half your odo in miles and half in kms is the first problem.

having to put a sticker on the "k" in "kmph" to convert to "mph" is just a bodge.

Yes, it will convert the screen in the Elgrand to Litres / Mile rather than Litres per KM. But, it does not convert to miles per gallon. That is still a manual calculation that you have to do. So again, useless.

Just fit the facia that shows miles and kms, and then keep all distance measurements in kms. it keeps things simple and easy to trace.


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on my ancient old lucida I didn't give a fuck wasn't me that put it there but didn't bother me at all the door cards hanging off didn't bother me at all either nor the laquer peel dents and scrapes loved the smell of the veg oil being used as fuel and the car was amazing loved it.

It's not the plan for my new car but i'm happy to go with the previous options mentioned that are a hell of a lot cheaper and will still leave a nice looking dash display.
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