Oh! Ess Haitch One Tee

derek h

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Or. Oh! Sh*t.
The boss says we retiring to Malta.

After several years trying to convince 'er indoors to retire to Spain ( I would be going with her as well). I finally gave and started looking at other interests. Elgrands being one.
After only a few days on holiday in Malta, she said, "This will do nicely". I think, Gob smacked, is the term best described my reaction.
Yes they drive on the left, and we may only be there for 4 or 5 months over the winter, but I'm not sure if I could afford to do the Malta thing, and buy and run a 'grand.
So, I'll be taking some time to do me sums.
Meanwhile, I'd like to take the opportunity to say thanks for a great read, and wish you all well in the future.

Hasta la vista baby.

derek h

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Reports of our move to Malta, grossly exaggerated. Dodged that one. I have unfortunately joined the dark side. I have a Fiat ( wash yer mouth out) van conversion. An '07 Adria Twin. I'm chuffed to rocks with it TBH. It will never win any beauty pageants, but I can stand up to put me kecks on.

I do want to replace the radio. ATM it has a single DIN CD/ Radio. I want to replace it with a FM/DAB, Sat Nav thingie ( Tech talk, impressed ?)
I can remember some members fitted a Pumpkin unit. Any thoughts on this product would be helpful, or even a similar alternative.

Before I get me coat, I'd like to wish everyone on here, All the very best for the future, and thanks for many hours of entertainment on the forum. Yes I know, I am easily pleased. So if your ever "flashedup" ( Ooh, Matron) by a white van man, you never know, it might be me. Now I know, that WOULD make you day.

I'll put something on the ICE section,
Cheers all, Derek


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IMHO Adria are one of the best euro converters. Son lives in one of their caravans in our garden It’s 9 years old and had been 100% reliable and waterproof, save the heating system fan (not surprisingly as it’s on 24x7 5 months a year.