WANTED Nissan Elgrand E51 Rider Autech - Black 4WD

I want to make the jump into owning an Elgrand! I thought I should post something in here in case anyone either now or in the near future is selling an Elgrand that meets the spec I am looking for.

Out of the list of specs I want I will possibly compromise on one or two things, to then change it myself after I buy it.

My spec are in order of importance -

Nissan Elgrand E51
Rider/Rider Autech
LPG converted
UK Satnav/media player
Leather seats - preferably darker interior
less than 80,000 miles
Two electric side doors
screens in headrests

I have had a good look around online at various places selling Elgrands and not come up with anything that ticks most of these boxes. The LPG converted part is important, but it is something I can do after purchase if the price of the car is right.

Chris T

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That's a hell of a spec list mate. Speaking as someone trying to find a rider with a darker interior (cloth or leather) and 4WD at the auctions in Japan it really narrows the field down and that's before you add in double electric doors.

Things like screens in headrest, UK satnav and LPG can easily be added to a car after you buy it though.