Maf cleaning


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How often do people clean they maf or at all ??? I had noticed my 3.5 e50 was just a little sluggish off the mark compared to what it should be, not slow just not as quick as it used to be ,I thought top end hadn’t changed at all , my mpg had gone up slightly, prob down to me not booting it in winter , so I decided to clean maf first , I couldn’t believe difference in car , it’s like a bullet off the mark again and top end is quicker on pick up , pulls much better , so it’s well worth the 12 quid or so I paid for tin to do it , only down side my mpg well prob drop down due to my foot ha ha


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I’ve just done mine and couldn’t believe how dirty it was. I’ve not been out in it yet but I’m hoping It will make a difference. Now I know how easy it is I will probably check it quite regularly.


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Just spray it on and wait till it drys
Just as Malcolm says. By all means give the MAFF housing and guaze air intake grill a good clean along with the rest of the MAFF body but just don't touch the MAFF element. Spray on and leave it to do its own thing.