Last song you listened to?


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Wow, seems a lot of rock and metal. Other than the famous old ones I've never heard of most of the bands...must get out more!

Rude Bones - There'll be lots of hard times along the way (whatever track happened to be playing last on the album)'ll+Be+Lots+of+Hard+Times+Along+the+Way

They tend a little more to the punk side of ska for my usual tastes but good for a change and I tend to put them on in the Elgrand because they are Japanese :)

As an aside, my Elgrand originally came with a Pure digital radio adapter thing which also had bluetooth connectivity and played through a radio channel on the original headset. Original owner had fitted it quite expensively but it was pants and too small to look at on the move so I put a JVC head unit in and was surprised at the improvement in sound quality (none Bose system) which was a real bonus.