E51 Knightrider led strip

Andy G yo

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Yes that' mine I carnt upload it on here took some pics tho I try put them on ... I have a few different set to g on the remote .. it can change to 3 or 4 lights going across

Declan Cullinan

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Well i think that's just about mission accomplished! The only thing i would say about these strips is that, being LEDs, they are a bit "blocky". They don't move as smoothly as the real kitt light and aren't as "soft" looking. I think a good effect may be achieved by angling the strip straight down so you see more of a reflection of the light rather than the actual light, if you know what i mean! Another option would be to "smoke" the front of the strip to dim it down a bit.
But i suppose for 19 quid it's pretty good!