E51 Knightrider led strip


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@Andy G yo if its like the S1 its got these annoying square clips which have a tendancy to snap if your not careful! Maybe best to fit it with the grill in situ! Good luck!
Mine is the S1 E51 and ive noticed they have those silly clips too. Had them on my E50 H/W Star also albeit I sussed them out in the end. Trick is to gently twist them until they line up and squared to the holes and then the grill should just pull away ( Gently of course ) post all other top clip removal. Why they cant be just held in place with screws I'll never know.:(

Declan Cullinan

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@Andy G yo is yours the white rider? Looks like you have asetting withmore than 3 led sections trailing, I like it! Is it the same one i have (5050 brand or something)? I didn't notice that setting. Might just be how it looks on the video though.