Jap Show, Santa Pod 5th July - PICS


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Well, it might have been a bit disappointing not to get into the show ground, but we will make it next time with an organised club pass :D

Some pics I took on the day... some stunning cars there I have to say.

Pics before the show, meeting at the local garden centre to arrive together. I had some serious 51 envy I have to say :laugh:

Didn't get to meet the owner of this white Rider - who was it?

And now for some of the other cars, had to snap this wide body Supra. Look at the size of that ass!

Loved this guys bonnet vinyl, so got another pic :thumbup:

Drag Civic (the size of the front tyres!)

Unusual exhaust port!

And then I found my friends car, and then found my friend, so I socialised for a little and didn't get any more pics (forgot to take any, and left not long after for the long drive back oop narf.



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Ah I remember that day, perhaps I might enjoy it a bit more next time instead of arguing with the Santa Pod staff.


Brilliant photos, and some lovely Elgrands there....especially the E50's. :mrgreen:

How come you guys never got into the showground? :eek:


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Duff info on the Santa Pod website Keith, thats why I was arguing with the people at Santa Pod who obviously dont read their own website. The site said just turn up dont leave your car in the public car park enter it in the show and shine. Not so. I told them to read it and if its not so dont say it. Outcome is we have 10 spaces booked now in the Jap Show Final Oct 11th near the pairing lanes for the drag strip. The Chrome Grill on the silver Elgrand is an aftermarket one by a company called DAD they are hard to get hold of and very expensive Paul.


What a B***** that was Brian. Glad the club have got some places for Oct 11th though. Very bad that Santa Pod put up stuff like that, that they don't deliver on though.

I've seen the D.A.D. stuff previously, it's amazing, but Way out of my wallet.

Some of their stuff here.

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Well done guys, for at least going there.