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Elgrand was made in April 2004. 2 Wheel drive. IMG_6360.JPG She has cloth interior
She's had all her recall done looks like they have changed the front catalytic converters there is hardly any rust on them.
A V/VG so nice and light.
She has had extras fitted, Plasma cluster air condenser, Both sliding doors, intelligent Key I have both keys, twin navi system, CD integrated radio.
So far what I have done.
Fitted K&N air filter before I drove it Back only took 30 seconds to fit at the petrol station.
Fitted new battery 95 amp hour
Phillips X-treme Vision H7 +130% bulbs
Fitted Denso iridium power plugs took 5 hours at least I don't have to do this again.
Change the radio.
Fitted new tyres 215x65x16 cross climate plus I have these on my Cube and I like them.
Have just added ZX1 metal treatment I have use this before and seems to be very good as it is not an oil additive.
Have removed the card payment machine and made it into a open box so I don't have a whole there I have included a photo.
Check the front and rear pollen filters there both as new the guy really looked after the car the air filter was the same when I removed that.

Things I have to do.
Decor the back catalytic converters. Spoke to an MOT guy and he said that they don't come in the MOT as it is an import car so it should not fail if they are removed with pipes.
Fit EBC yellow pads.
Change the auto gearbox oil 10 L.
Change the differential oil.
Polish her with SOFT99 Fusso Coat 12 Months Light PTFE .
I can't think of anything else at the moment but I'm sure there will be other stuff