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Hi everybody. We recently bought our first elgrand through a seller on eBay. We got the 3.2 4x4 e50 from 1998. The homy. Well we definitely like the elgrand but there are a few issues with our one. We had to rush to get a new car and perhaps should not have bought our vehicle as the seller failed to mention a lot of things not quite right with her. I am very non mechanical minded but I want to learn how to change fix and sort things out to save us money where I can. So here I am. Thanks


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Welcome to the club, I learnt a lot from here and saved a whole heap of money on my old E50 and will do the same with my new E51. The E50 is quite an easy car to work on. What's wrong with it?


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Alright mate, sorry to hear your Elgrand has issues, but you are in the best place for help and advice. We'll get your Elgrand sorted!

Put a list in the "help needed" section and the techies will jump on to help you find the solutions you need.

Also, as for the 3 point belt in the rear, yes, you can have one fitted. They're not cheap though. I think around the £150 mark. You can get mobile fitters to come out and fit them for you. Not sure I'd you'd get it in on the rearmost bench, as it splits in two, but you can definitely have one fitted in the middle bench (as one side is 2 seats). @mattd has had one fitted, if you search the site for his posts, you might find the info from His install.