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Interesting thread - lots for me to think about.

Out of curiosity did you ever sort the fridge?

That thickness (or lack thereof) of the cable wouldn't cause the issue you describe. If the cable wasn't thick enough (read: enough copper to carry the current), it'd get warm / hot / melt the insulation. The likely difference in resistance between that and something thicker equally wouldn't cause the voltage drop you're seeing.

Resistance in a cable is a function of it's cross section and what it's made of - the thinner a cable gets if everything else is the same - then the higher it's resistance and the higher the resistance the lower the current could pass - however - given such a short length of cable, I doubt you'd see even a single ohm's worth of resistance difference between whatever gauge that wire was and the next one up.

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Out of curiosity did you ever sort the fridge?
Sorry for the delay - keep forgetting to check back here!

Yes - I think the issue was that I wasn't really paying attention. The fridge was working fine, it's just so quiet and efficient that it's difficult to tell when it's working.

I still haven't got around to building the cover for the compressor, and with a brand new baby in the house it's unlikely I'll have time for it for more than a while yet.

Also my curtains have a tendency to drape over the fridge radiator which probably doesn't help its efficiency one bit!

In other news - I'm hopefully sending off the plastic dash trim to be re-dipped next week.


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Just read through this thread (don't know how I'd missed it) and agree it's a great write-up. Yours is the writing style I try to have when I write, except I fail at being articulate and structured. Anyway, I loved this and hope you'll continue with it, so thanks for posting.