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Hiya folks ...
I have a fully 'side' converted 1997 E50 3.2 Diesel 'Caravan V' coming up for sale.
She's in excellent condition and black with gunmetal grey lower panels and cloth upholstery; undersealed and very tidy in every way.
I have a very detailed and long service history and she has genuinely done only about 1000 miles in the last three years with the total mileage at about 130,000 (will check it but can't go out to look as it's raining! hah ! ).

  • She's MOT'd until October 2018 ish ...and I have no problems with putting a brand new MOT on it for the buyer - no advisories last year whatsoever
  • 4 brand new tyres last year too
  • Inside a very nice conversion was done: gas hob, sink and proper Rock'Roll bed with seatbelts, lots of storage cupboards - there's no fridge fitted though ( we use a cool box instead ....take it with you and walk down to the beach :) ).
  • Electric curtains
  • Twin sunroofs ( the big one is electrically operated)
  • 240 volt hook up fitted
  • Very cool neon strip lights inside
  • Everything works as it should ....

This van is fantastic and starts first time, every time and is super reliable and has been impeccably maintained. Has the usual Elgrand gizmos:
  • Reverse camera / sport mode suspension and snow mode
  • Front and back separate heating and air con
  • Electric windows
  • Drop down television in the roof in the back
  • 3 speed + overdrive auto gearbox / running gear / brakes / steering etc are ALL excellent
Body work has some very slight marks but nothing at all that detracts from her appearance. SatNav has been re-coded for Europe and the UK and works perfectly on the original screen. Radio works well enough on certain stations so I don't think it has a band expander fitted but as I said it does work ok and a band expander takes about 20 minutes to fit and will cost about £20 off eBay. Being honest I've never tried the DVD / CD player so I don't know but it has had extra connection cables fitted so you can use your own DVD player. Just hook it up and away you go! This model has the full wood dashboard and she really is in beautiful condition - seats are very tidy too as are the carpets.

The van will come complete with a superb quality pneumatic awning bought new last year and never used. This is a very reluctant sale and the first person to see this van will buy it ( yeah I know everyone says that but one drive up the road in her and you will know I speak the truth you will be able to tell straight away that this van is sorted in some order. )

Why am I selling ?????? The truth is...I've been seduced by an exceptionally foxy late E51 3.5 V6 petrol (yes I will probably regret it :) ) and she is sitting in the drive right now so ........... my E50 has to go .....Any interest ? Make me an offer. Not after stupid daft top money.... but :) And of course it goes without saying .... the van is open to ANY inspection by you or a mechanic or the AA or whatever, also of course a test drive ( I must insist you show me you have insurance cover to do so though).

PS: I'm in the West Country ....half an hour from Bristol or Gloucester and an hour from Cardiff.
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Hello everyone and thanks for your interest ...YES she is still here and for sale as I have honestly just been too busy work wise (and the weather has been shite) to take some pictures of her to show her off ..... I haven't done anything at all about selling her other than this oriiginal post so I must get my backside into gear .........


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Is the E50 still available? Pictures? Price?
Yes mate she is still here....I will honestly get some pictures donw this weekend and I am open to offers as I said above ....... to give you a starter I think she is well worth £6000..... and yes I will haggle but not by a lot . :)