WANTED Estate car/mpv upto £1000


E50 Owner
I have a Renault Kangoo Authentique (the estate car Version of the van, so rear seats, which are foldable and removable), which I have owned for about 3 years now and has never missed a beat. Lovely to drive and super clean. I’ve been everywhere in it! Been thinking of selling it recently as it was my daily driver, but is now rarely used.

Bodywork is excellent apart from some damage on one side, which I can repair if needed (I own a body shop). When I bought it, the previous owner suffered a small tree falling on it and smashing the window and putting a dent in. They replaced the window, but left the damage. I’ve never got round to sorting it out. Always planned to, but time etc!

It’s a lovely little thing to drive, non-turbo diesel, but rattled along surprisingly well, extremely economical and handles great (Clio chassis basically, so much fun).

My main reason for initially buying it was that the seats fold in seconds, or remove easily enough, but it’s an Estate car on the V5, so effectively it’s a van that you can take to the tip without a permit!

Would be looking for £700 as it is or £900 with the damage repaired as I’d have to get window professionally cut out and refitted. Rest of the body is excellent. Polished up great, no sign of any rust anywhere.

All the best