Ellie in the snow


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Used to love driving in the snow in my Landrover until the local f,,kwits stole it and burnt it out.
My neighbors once did that to my bay window vw campervan... still remember the feeling in my stomach when I woke up and found it missing. It was burnt out 300 yards away because they couldn’t start it because I’d disconnect the battery. Although they’d need seen no one would give a statement to police so no charges were ever brought. And I was investigating for insurance fraud. Gotta love life. ;)


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How is the handling in snow? We may go out in the Elgrand tomorrow so curious on others experiences. Expecting a bit of snow here in the midlands.
I've got a 4wd E51. In auto 4wd handling is good. Felt very safe with no loss of control on some downward slopes with tight bends.

Only local driving at no more than 30mph so not a proper test but very pleased with it. Haven't used the snow button so can't comment on that or the handling on 2wd ellies. :)


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I have an E50 (2wd) and have driven back through France several times in fairly heavy snow. It handled very well.
Only incident that stands out it was on a local roundabout when I either hit some ice/fuel spillage and out of the blue we did a 360 degree turn before I had control again :poop:.