TRADE elgrand e5o breaking 1997 all part to go please contact


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anyone requires item contact me the elgrand is a 1997 4x4 e50 8 seater 3.2l with cloth seats it white we silver good wheels with good tyres I have the tail gate bonnet doors most of the glass engine good condition and gear box I have no bumpers have gone plus middle seat have sold
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Maybe it would be better if you were to introduce yourself? Also add a few pictures or give details of the vehicle you are breaking?

Is it a QD32 or a VG33? Is it 7 or 8 seater? Velour, half leather, full leather? V, X, Highway Star? Rider? Body Kit? Condition? Wheels?

Need a little more to go on than "please contact".

Either update or I'll delete the post and the user account.