E51 Elgrand E51 Fuel Economy Tracker


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Everyone, I want as many people as possible to start tracking their fuel economy using websites such as Fuelly

Using websites such as this to track your economy will give you tracked history of the economy of your car and can also give you a code to enter onto the forum. As you fill up, the information is updated automatically.

If we all do this and post our links here, then anyone who wants to know the typical fuel economy of a particular engine can look in here and get the answer themselves.

This thread is for the Elgrand E51 fuel economy, for the 3.5 VQ35, the 2.5 VQ35

There will be 2 further posts below, and on those I will add the fuelly links (or any other website that allows this service). Each post will be for the 2 engines.

All you need to do is post your link in this thread and say what engine you have in your E51. I will then move it into the main thread for that engine so we can keep track.