Ebay bid please help

Well my insurance sorted with Mark Richards with my partner on and £300 excess it may sound high at £591 but was getting quotes for £850 from direct line crazy when I am 55 my partner though she is 35 so maybe that's what they are going on even though ive got full no claims


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Well it's less than 12 quid a week for having your precious Elgrand insured so it's worth it. Now time to forget about it for another 12 months
Well here goes guys hopefully ive not been scammed like so many at the moment off Facebook I am getting train from Morecambe to Lancaster then from Lancaster to Crewe to pick my Elgrand up from a guy called Trevor Harland who is from Shrewsbury nervous isn't the word I am feeling right now after reading all those items about scams cross fingers wish me look setting off at 1-30pm will arrive in Crewe around 3pm cheers all
Hi guys how do I post pics on here is one question for another question looking at my rev counter I see it all lit up with an orange band round it but my speedo is not lit up with a band only the numbers etc is this an easy fix please let me know