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Hi All,

I have the following parts for sale for an E50 if anyone is interested:-

Tailgate inner trim panel
Tailgate top inner trim panel
Tailgate both inner side trims
Complete rear window electric curtain
Both inner rear lights
Black tailgate panel (some holes from a camera and missing all the letters)
Tailgate chrome handle with release handle
Sliding door runner cover in white (4x4 sticker scuffed and no fixings)
Rear third brake light
Rear wiper arm
Rear wiper motor
Tailgate soft close motor and mechanism
Tailgate complete wiring loom
FET TB-207 turbo timer
Pair of tailgate hinges
Rear Nissan badge
Tailgate central locking module
Velour head rest
Pop up front screen
Original tv module
Left and right rear arch carpets
Rear front right arm rest (houses the ash tray)
Inner wing air intake
Individual “Elgrand” letters from the tailgate

I also have a free tailgate for anyone that wants to collect - it’s been stripped and is only really useful for the screen

PM me if your interested

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It’s got surface rust in the usual places, has been blown in on the passenger side and has a light dent on the drivers side. It’s on eBay at the mo if you want to find it. Free to forum members 😀


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Thanks @Chris. Will probably hold out for one in better nick, and ideally a black one. The bottom edge of mine is held together with black gaffa tape lol.
I don't suppose you have the original stereo components?


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Probably the best bet, I think it’s only use would be for the screen if you can cut the bonding off.

I swopped it for one that’s a lot better but still has rust!

No sorry that’s been long gone before I got the bus. There’s still another box installed under the glove box but I think that’s the video distribution unit?