E50 E50 Engines, Years, Facelift & Variations


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Right, there has been a little bit of confusion around this over the last few weeks.

The E50 was released to the JDM Market in 1997. The initial release was only with 2 engines, the QD32 3.2 Turbo Diesel and the VG33 3.3 V6. These were in production until 2000, when the E50 facelift model was released.

At this time, there were some minor changes to the front end styling. The biggest difference being the one piece headlight (rather than 4 piece) and a new grille. Some other minor changes relate to the bulbs that are used in the headlights and also in the dashboard. JohnE has recently purchased a set of dash bulbs for his 2002 E50, but they did not fit. So I am going to have to work out what bulbs are required and offer 2 different dash packs for the pre and post facelift model E50.

Also, in 2000 Nissan changed the engines that were used in the E50. The QD32 was replaced with the ZD30 3.0 TD Neo and the VG33 was replaces with the VQ35 3.5 V6.

Following on from this, the VQ35 has been used in every incarnation of the Elgrand inc the latest E52.

Now, the engine is the only common variable between the generations. The transmission, suspension and drivetrain are all totally different and NOT interchangeable. This means that an engine service pack for the E51 VQ35 will be fine for the E50 VQ35. But things like bushes, drop links, brakes, etc are all completely different. So do NOT assume that because the engine service packs are the same that anything else will be.

Hope this clarifies some details for you all. :wave2:


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on the topic of dash bulbs for the facelift model E50 ,you will need

6 x T5 neo wedge 12mm for the clocks any colour
1 x T5 neo wedge 12mm for the odo any colour
2 x T5 neo wedge 12mm for the indicators white
6 x T3 neo wedge 8mm for gear change indicators white

Here is some photos of new led bulbs in dash
hope this helps :boss:


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There are some further subtle changes in the E50 range, in this case the 3.5 VQ petrol

The coilpacks change design a few times in the 2 year run of the 3.5. Make sure when odering new packs to check your build date and oem serial numbers...